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We own your product as our own and can work end-to-end to bring your vision to life.

CodeLink has built and released products for a wide range of industries and platforms. We have the experience required to help you build and release high-quality products to the market that result in high impact for your users.

How we build products that succeed

MVP & V1 Release

We create high-impact minimum viable product (MVP) and version 1 releases, enabling you to enter the market quickly.

Iterating in Budget

We work iteratively within your budget, releasing features rapidly and focusing on the ones that matter most.

End-to-End Support

We’re here for you throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle.


Our members embody our core value of ownership and treat your product as if it were their own, raising suggestions and collaborating directly with you.

Vendor Collaboration

We are open to a range of collaboration methods and happy to work with your team or other vendor teams.

Shared Learning

Learn all aspects of the design and development process by collaborating directly and building together.

Stable Teams

With over 85% retention, team members love where they work, which ensures that they are driven and motivated when joining your project.

Software development process

Every project is unique and the phases we propose will depend on how we can best support your project scope. Below are some of the standard phases our autonomous teams flow through.

1. Product Understanding

Our goal is to help you understand your product, goals, and key-value offerings. We work together to understand your target users and prioritize the highest value to bring to them first.

2. Milestone Definition

After defining the highest value for your users, we create a prioritized backlog that sets release milestones and focuses on the most important features for upcoming releases.

3. Product Design

The UX & UI Product Design team plans and designs user flows, tests with clickable prototypes, and creates modern interfaces ahead of the development team.

4. Iterative Releases

The development team works in rapid iterations, focusing on the most well-defined and highest-priority stories in the product backlog. They build new incremental releases of the product that are ready to ship to the market after every iteration.

5. Ongoing Support

After completing the product scope and shipping your high-quality product to the market, our team will continue to track its performance and monitor any libraries used to ensure that the product stays up-to-date.

Kick-off steps

Review and identify

We have data engineering expertise to support you in collecting data from multiple sources, transforming it, and feature engineering for model training and evaluation.

Propose solutions

We will develop overall approaches and various implementation options for applying AI based on your areas of focus.

Prioritize efforts

We will propose the highest-impact project plan to implement AI into your business.

Project Kick-off

We kick off and focus on iteratively implementing AI into your business use case.


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