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Ensure the efficient and reliable movement of goods for your customers.

CodeLink specializes in providing custom end-to-end software development services, from start-up to large-scale systems, for logistics and transportation customers. We ensure that our clients can provide their customers with the efficient and reliable movement of goods.

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Areas of Expertise

Our engineering expertise in logistics and transport enables us to provide end-to-end services that support our clients at every step of their software development lifecycle.

What We’re Good At

Last-mile Delivery

Last-mile Delivery

Advanced delivery and routing management with live tracking for real-time order fulfillment.



Automated route planning with fleet and cargo transportation management.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Stored package tracking, package management, picking guides, package recovery, and rerouting.

Cross-border Shipping

Cross-border Shipping

International package shipments with region-specific information transferred between countries.



Complex integrations with third-party logistics and tracking systems, as well as physical scan and printing devices.

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How We Work

Embedded Teams

We embed our members directly into your existing team to boost velocity and maximize product output.

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Autonomous Teams

We act as your end-to-end team to iteratively release new high-quality increments of your product to market.

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