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Our Client Guarantees

We follow a set of process guarantees to ensure that we create a real and repeatable impact for every one of our clients.

Daily Standups & Reporting

We keep the entire company, our teams, and our clients updated on our progress every day through transparent reporting.

Daily Development Workflow

We follow strict daily workflows when it comes to engineering.

Keeping Code Secure

We follow mandatory best practices to ensure consistent security for all of the repositories and code we work with.

Code Review

Our code review process helps us to improve the quality and maintainability of our code and improve how we collaborate.

Quality Assurance Practices

Our Quality Assurance Practices lay out all of the best practices followed at CodeLink for Quality Assurance.

Testing Methods & Tools

We apply different types of tests throughout our iterations and the product life cycle.

Following the 12-Factor App

To develop software, we follow the 12-factor methodology to deliver software following proven best practices.

Working between Timezones

We work with clients from across the globe. To create the best possible client and team experience we implement a number of key processes and tools to help reduce the friction that comes with the timezone differences.

Scaling Client Teams

When scaling up projects for our clients we aim to find the best possible fit for their team, based on the project requirements, the technical requirements, and the team culture fit.

Planning a New Product

When starting on the build of a brand new product we first work with our clients to deeply understand their goals and help them elaborate on the vision.

Product Project Kick-off

For new product development projects, we follow a set of steps to ensure that our internal team and the client are ready to start the new project from a strong foundation.

Product Documentation

When building a product and developing features we ensure that the product has complete documentation by following iterative documentation practices.

Product Development Team Meetings

Product development teams move through their development iterations following these key team meetings.

Running Retrospectives

We implement retrospectives to ensure that we are always be iterating on our process, and ensure our team members are all engaged with their team and client work.

Software Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and support services ensure you can maintain business continuity, your software is updated, user issues are actioned, and your platform is fully functional.

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