Want to reach product milestones faster and with more product output? We can seamlessly embed our high-quality members into your team to increase your product output.

We have scaled teams and helped to build products with the highest levels of quality and high market impact for over 50 clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

How do we help you achieve success?

Review Roles

We work together with you to understand your project requirements, the technology you are working with, and the member profiles you need.

Propose Team

We present you with a range of members who fit with your skill requirements for you to review, interview, and approve.

Embed Members

Your accepted members will be integrated into your project team and dedicated to boosting your product output velocity.

Which clients does this work best for?

  • You have a mature development practice.
  • You have existing engineering members.
  • You want to dictate major architectural decisions.
  • You want to speed up development velocity while preserving know-how.

Team Roles

We offer a wide range of roles with members that are highly skilled in a variety of technologies. Every one of our team will be dedicated to your project, interacting with you directly and taking full ownership of all they deliver for your project.

Product Owners

Our product owners help to shape your product vision, build up the product roadmap and milestones, and break down all of the business logic into tickets ready for development.

UI & UX Product Designers

Our UX & UI Product Designers collaborate with you from ideation to implementation to design experiences that engage your users.

Technical Leads

Our Tech Leads design and oversee the implementation of intricate system architecture, helping to advise you on the best long-term technical solutions.

Full-stack Engineers

Our front-end and back-end developers work with a wide range of scalable technologies to build mobile apps, web apps, and complex back-end systems.

Data Engineers

Our Data Engineers build data architectures and pipelines to help drive your business decisions.

ML & AI Engineers

Our ML/AI engineers develop datasets, evaluate, optimize, fine-tune, and deploy state-of-the-art models that can transform your business.

Dev Ops Engineers

Our DevOps team leverages cloud services such as AWS, Azure and GCP to ensure scalability, availability, and security of your systems.

Quality Assurance Engineers

Our QA Engineers ensure the quality of your product using a combination of manual testing and automated testing.

Web3 Blockchain Engineers

Our Web3 Engineers have a broad understanding of Web3 with experience building products across various well-established blockchain protocols.

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