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We work together to understand the perfect types of highly skilled team members to augment into your team to help maximize your development output.

We are passionate about what we build, and how we build it. We follow our company playbook and agile processes to ensure that we continuously release products of highest quality and continue to constantly improve as we move through rapid development iterations.

Working Process

01. Daily Stand-Ups

Every day at CodeLink starts with a company wide stand-up to invite new members, discuss impediments, and share interesting news. We then all break off into our teams for discussion on what we achieved yesterday and our goals for the day.

02. Weekly Iterations

We work in 1-week iterations, allowing for direct feature focus and shorter product release cycles. 1-week iterations ensure each team works with a focused goal, working together to achieve the goal within the iteration.

03. Transparent Collaboration

All team members are added into a slack channel to chat directly with their fellow team members and client team members, using the same project tracking tools and GitHub repositories to ensure all collaboration is fully transparent.

04. Pair Programming

Developers work in pairs, allowing for rapid team growth, full-time code review and continuous collaboration. As developers pair together they share knowledge and experience, contributing to a stronger code base and scalable growth.

05. Test-Driven

We write tests before we write code. We use Jest, Rspec, and Selenium to keep code in check and allow for change and refactoring with confidence. No feature is deployed for usability testing until tests are put in place.

06. Continuous Integration & Deployment

Code is integrated as soon as it is deemed complete and passes tests, allowing us to see any conflicts and fix problems early on. We use CircleCI and integrated with GitHub to continuously deploy builds after new code has been merged, giving you instant access to testing new releases

07. Reflective Growth

We finish off every iteration with a retrospective, looking back on what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what can be improved. Continuous feedback and reflection helps us improve our process and how we function as teams.

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How We Work

Embedded Teams

We embed our members directly into your existing team to boost velocity and maximize product output.

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Autonomous Teams

We act as your end-to-end team to iteratively release new high-quality increments of your product to market.

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