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Our core values define who we are as a team and as individuals. Our 5 core values are the foundation of our culture, they define the way we operate and how we collaborate.

Take full ownership of delivery

We take full ownership of our client's products as if they were our own, taking responsibility for every feature we are responsible for with equal importance. We proactively ask for help if we are unsure about the tasks we are assigned, ensuring that we can stay focused on fully delivering our assigned work with the best possible outcome. Our clients and our team members can feel confident in knowing we will be responsible for the work we own.

Deliver our highest level of quality

We aim to deliver the highest quality in all features and products we work on. We only take on projects in which we believe we have the competency to deliver the highest level of quality and build products using technologies that are maintainable, secure, sustainable, and scalable. We work at a sustainable pace with a team of high-quality members. We assess the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion, looking to find the best possible solutions to issues we face.

Stay consistent in plans and processes

We see the processes we set as an agreement between the team and with our client and we consistently follow the set process plan. We keep our team and our clients updated on our progress and keep consistent transparent lines of communication open. We are always prepared and understand the role we play in maintaining a consistent process, ensuring we each understand the processes and plans agreed on as a team.

Have empathy for all those we work with

We show empathy to all those we collaborate with and build products for, understanding that every individual is unique and has their own perspectives, technical background, and personality. We ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of everyone we work with without any judgment or assumption, remembering that we may not always be right, and looking to always communicate constructively.

Continuously improve and grow

We are open-minded and keep an optimistic growth mindset. We aim high and see every day as an opportunity to develop ourselves, our teams, our processes, and our products. We appreciate the opportunities to grow and always look to take on new challenges, seeing every increment of positive change having huge long-term results and sharing what we learn with those around us.

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