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We are a team of specialized professionals that combine our seasoned experience with world class engineering.

55+ Clients

Trusted globally by more than 55 clients.

110+ Products

We have shipped over 110 products for our clients.

12 Industries

We have engaged with clients in 12 unique industries.

10 Countries

We have worked with organizations from 10 diverse countries.

690+ Months

Total team dedication time for clients.

80+ Employees

We are a team of over 80 specialized professionals.

Main Industries Served


Business Management
Business Management






Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide transformational impact for our clients by contributing to the creation of high-quality products.

What makes CodeLink special?

Customer Satisfaction

Growth from repeat business due to high customer satisfaction - over 90% client retention rate.

Employee Retention

High employee satisfaction with 83% retention rate over most recent 3 years.

Only the Top 2%

Outstanding technical recruitment with under 2% acceptance rate from 3,000+ local candidates per year.

Transformational Impact

Measurable Business Impact from funding and acquisition to industry awards.

High Impact

Efficient product development from small high-velocity teams.

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How we help you succeed

Scalable Teams

You will have a flexible dedicated team which you can smoothly ramp up and ramp down.

Agile Processes

You will have full transparency to what is being incrementally shipped with daily updates from each team member.

Direct Communication

You will know each member of your team and can work with them directly, with each member having trained experience in international collaboration.

Reduced Time & Cost

You will be able to reduce the amount of time and money you would usually need to spend on setting up, managing, and maintaining your own in-house team.

Code Quality

You will have confidence in the readable, secure and scalable test-covered code that is being developed.

High Retention

You will have a reliable team of high-quality professionals who love where they work and will grow with your product.

Leading Technology

You will be provided with vetted technology solutions that are the best fit for your product.

Complete Control

You will have complete and flexible control over exactly what is built, with ownership over all that is built.

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