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We support founders in building high-impact products that users desire and investors love.

As a founder, your goal is to get your product into the hands of users with the most desired features to guarantee engagement. To ensure long-term scalability, it is important to make the right technical decisions with a focus on high quality. CodeLink provides a full suite of services to support your high-impact success in the market.

How we build products that succeed

MVP & V1 Release

We create high-impact minimum viable product (MVP) and version 1 releases, enabling you to enter the market quickly.

User-Centered Design

We ensure that we understand your users by following design thinking and user-centered design principles.

Iterating within Budget

We work iteratively within your budget, releasing features rapidly and focusing on the ones that matter most.

Technical Consultation

Collaborate with our leadership team to align on the most scalable and effective long-term technology choices.

Shared Learning

Learn all aspects of the design and development process by collaborating directly and building together.

End-to-End Support

We offer flexible team and support options to assist with all areas of the process, from ideation to funding preparation.

Team Transfer

We guarantee knowledge transfer through pair programming once you're ready to build your team.

Process steps

Get in Touch

Send us your requirements and project desires.

Plan for Impact

We’ll propose the highest-impact project plan that fits your requirements.

Ship Success

We will work with you in high-impact iterations to release your product.


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CodeLink powers growing startups and pioneering corporations to scale faster, leverage artificial intelligence, and release high-impact technology products.

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