We work together to understand the perfect types of highly skilled team members to augment into your team to help maximize your development output

We follow user-centered design thinking to conceptualize product features, prioritize the features of highest value to customers, design sleek user interfaces and incrementally develop entire systems.

Product Process


Product Ideation

We work on understanding together what you are building and who you are building for by deep-diving into discussions and questions on the product and target users. The more we can question and discuss the product the better positioned we will be to start building.


User Experience Design

To further understand the experience from the users perspective, we need to define who the user is and the ways in which they will be interacting with your product. We then break down the main features into user flow diagrams, building on this with product flow maps, and key screen wireframes for prototype testing.


User Interface Design

We work with you to define your user-interface style guides, leveraging current industry design trends to design sleek modern interfaces. This defined visual style will then be applied to the application to create a refined user interface design across all screens.


Milestones & Priorities

We work together with you to define the highest priority features for release based on your target market and key value offerings, using these priorities to set the milestones for product development. The first key milestones begin to make up the product backlog.


Iterative Development

The development team is assembled based on your product needs and works in rapid 1-week iterations, focusing on the most well defined and highest priority stories in the product backlog.

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