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Scaling Client Teams

When scaling up projects for our clients we aim to find the best possible fit for their team, based on the project requirements, the technical requirements, and the team culture fit. The following steps outline the process we go through at CodeLink to seamlessly integrate suitable highly-skilled members into client projects.

Project Assessment

For existing clients looking to scale up, we already have a very good understanding of their project, the required tech stack, and the team culture. For new clients, we meet with members of their team to get a deep understanding of the type of team they already have, the project they are working on, the technical requirements, and the type of team member they require. Once we understand all components of the project we are able to have a full picture of the type of member who would best fit to integrate into the team.

Profile Preparation

We spend time internally to assess our available team members and see who would be the best fit for the project. In cases where we do not have any available members who fit with the project requirements, we begin a recruitment drive. We start by leveraging our existing team and their referral networks to see if they have any contacts with the right profile and then move out from there to the broader community. Once we have the perfect fit for the project we share their profile with the client. The profile shared outlines the team member's work history, their educational background, the projects they have worked on with CodeLink, and their technical abilities.

Client Interview

Once the client approves the proposed member as a good potential fit the next step is to set up an introduction interview between our client and the CodeLink team member. Our client is welcome to use any interview format they feel will help them assess if the team member will be the best fit for their team. We recommended that our client interviews the team member as if they were joining their company, to really ensure that the technical abilities of the team member and their personality are a solid fit for the project requirements.

Team Integration

After our client gives the go-ahead the team member will be integrated into their project team. The client will share the member access to all of the systems they will require to complete their assigned tasks. A kick-off meeting is then set to introduce the new member to the existing members of the team they will be working with. The newly added team member can then get started on full dedication to the client project with a focus on boosting velocity and improving the project output.

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