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Our Client Guarantees

We follow a set of process guarantees to ensure that we create a real and repeatable impact for every one of our clients.

1. Scalable Teams

We offer flexible dedicated teams of professionals that our clients can smoothly ramp up and down.

  • We match the right experts with client needs.
  • Clients can scale teams up and down as required with no lock-in on time size or project length.
  • Our teams can help onboard new internal client teams through paired transitioning.

2. Direct Communication

Every one of our team members is introduced to our clients so they can collaborate with them directly.

  • All team members work directly with our clients with full transparency.
  • Each member of the team is prepared through training for international collaboration.

3. Leading Technology

We ensure that we only provide vetted technology systems that best fit our client's product requirements.

  • We only suggest future-proof technology that scales and best fits the project.
  • We leverage existing libraries and systems to reduce the time required for the development.

4. Agile Processes

We follow strict agile processes and maintain full transparency on what is being shipped.

  • Each member shares their daily update on what they accomplished and what they have planned for the next day.
  • We follow short focused iterations to rapidly deliver the highest value functionality.

5. Code Quality

Our team follows strict code conventions to write readable, secure, and scalable test-covered code.

  • We maintain high test coverage to ensure product functionality.
  • All code goes through multiple review stages to ensure it follows conventions, is readable and performs as expected.

6. Complete Control

Our clients have complete and flexible control over exactly what is built, with ownership over the code from day one.

  • We set up all projects under our client's accounts so they always maintain control, secured under strict NDAs.
  • Our clients set the priority for what is built and have control over the functionality we ship.

7. High Retention

We focus on our employee's happiness to ensure that our clients have minimized turnover with a team of passionate professionals.

  • We are a people-first organization with a focus on always providing our team with competitive benefits and an engaging work environment.
  • We ensure that all members we bring on fit with our company culture to ensure long-term synergy.

8. Reduced Time & Costs

We help our clients reduce the amount of time and money spent on building their team and product.

  • We handle setting up, managing, and maintaining the team for our clients.
  • We have all processes and teams in place to help our clients get moving faster.
  • All hiring and retention practices are handled internally.
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