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Daily Standups & Reporting

Daily company-wide standups

At 10AM every day the entire company meets for a face-to-face standup. This is a time for all of the team to share any problems they need support on or update everyone on anything interesting they’ve learned and would like to share. By sharing and asking for help at the company-wide standup we ensure that we are not limited to support from our direct team and can leverage the skills and knowledge of the entire company.

The company-wide standup is also a time to share any company updates, introduce any new members to the rest of the team, and for any clients visiting the office to say hello.

Daily team standups

After the company-wide stand up we all break off into our direct teams to give a more detailed update. Each member updates their team using the same format:

  • What I achieved yesterday
  • What I plan to achieve today
  • Are there any problems blocking me

Our goals for the day should always focus on work that can be completed by the end of the day. If a task is too big then it is broken down into work that can be achievable by the end of the day.

Team reports

At the end of the day, each team member sends their daily report to the team chat room shared with their client. This ensures that: All clients are kept up to date on who is working on what Clients can feel confident in their team members sole dedication to their project Clients can weigh in on any higher priority work they would like to see implemented the following day

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