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Our code review process helps us to improve the quality and maintainability of our code, helps us build each other up through collaborative communication, and helps build up the team culture. Code review is not only about catching defects in the code, it is a way for the team to help teach each other and learn ways of working together to improve the code and development practices.

Code review can be in the form of both pair programming and pull request review. When doing code review it is important to us that we follow best practices to ensure positive collaboration throughout teams.

Creating a pull request

When creating a pull request we ensure that we:

  • Follow clean design for easy review.
  • Write tests with our code.
  • Re-read ourselves first.
  • Use standard branch names.
  • Automate as much as possible.
  • Work with different team members for review.

Reviewing code

When reviewing pull requests and working as a pair, we follow best practices to ensure that our review will foster collaboration through feedback that will teach and help other developers grow. We do this by:

  • Reviewing the code and not the individual.
  • Using questions and recommendations to generate collaboration.
  • Check for tests.
  • Minimize turnaround time to keep the conversation relevant.

Taking actions after review

Once our pull request has been reviewed we take the time to appreciate the review and address all points to positively improve our collaboration with our reviewer, leading to opportunities in the future to work and grow together. When receiving feedback we:

  • Respond to all review comments.
  • Keep it related and amend the commits.
  • Send for further review.
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