We work together to understand your needs and assess which of the highly skilled CodeLink team will be best suited to integrate into your development process to maximize your output.

Team Augmentation

We set up the team that you need, based on the exact skill set you require for your project. Our members are augmented into your project and workflow, working as if they were a part of your company and helping to boost your velocity and output.

Front-end Development

Front-end developers create polished responsive web and mobile interfaces using ReactJS, ReactNative, and VueJS.

Back-end Development

Back-end developers with the ability to architect scalable systems using Java, Ruby, Golang, and Node.JS.

Web3 Blockchain

Web3 developers with a broad understanding of blockchain technologies build products across various well-established blockchain protocols.

Data Engineering

Data Engineers build data architectures and pipelines to help drive your business decisions.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

ML/AI developers focus on designing and building self-running artificial intelligence systems to automate predictive models.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Engineers identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software to ensure protection against cyber threats.

Quality Control

Quality Control engineers use industry standard manual and automation testing to ensure highest product quality and performance.

Project Management

Project Managers help manage the development process, run planning meetings, set milestones, and break-down backlog stories.

UI/ UX Design

Designers enhance product experiences through the implementation of user-centric flows and the application of modern interface design.


Our team members will communicate directly with your team, ensuring all requirements are fully discussed and understood.

Dedicated Members

All team members assigned to projects are fully dedicated to the single project, with the sole agenda of boosting your product output.

Daily Reports

Each individual dedicated team member reports daily on their completed tasks and goals for the following day.

Systems Control

All code is controlled in client owned repositories, giving you full transparency and control over what is committed.

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