Validating the perfect user experience for a developing market with a design sprint, rapid prototying and user testing


Connectivity issues in Myanmar continue to make inbound and outbound calls an ongoing issue, with families finding it very hard to connect with their loved-ones abroad and have a smooth conversation over the voice.

With this solvable problem and access to a tested service with incredibly call quality in and out of Myanmar, MySQUAR began plans for a VoIP app, starting with connecting Myanmar and Thailand, given the large Myanmar population living abroad in Thailand.

Technology is still a new element of life in Myanmar, and every feature of an application needs to be carefully implemented to ensure users in Myanmar understand the functionality and usage, whilst maintain a look and feel that will suit the Thai market.
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Design Sprint and UI/UX Design
We led the MySQUAR team through the Product Design Sprint process, understanding which apps appeal to Myanmar living in Myanmar and abroad, testing our assumptions with our target users, and understanding how to set up the UX for full usability.

We then created a prototype and tested with our target users in Myanmar and Myanmar living abroad. We observed their usage patterns, found problem areas and adjusted the prototype to even better suit our target users. After refining the prototype we did a second round of testing and found the new prototype and visual feel to be a perfect match with both Myanmar living locally and abroad.
Technical Advisory and Back-End Architecture
The MySQUAR team had an existing front-end team who were new to React Native. We teamed up to help their Developers implement a solid React Native application on both iOS and Android, whilst providing full support for the back-end and designing all of the technical system architecture.
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With the VoIP technology fully implemented and the native application developed on Android the MySQUAR team set a solid path to release CallMe as the latest addition to their already successful portfolio of Myanmar focused applications.
“Codelink offered sharp focus and a clear vision during our Product Design brainstorming sessions. On the technical side, the system architecture proposal was elegant and simple to implement.”
David Rossellat


Create a prototype that behaves like a native app


Develop the Native Android app


Manage the store of the React Native app


System architecture diagram to handle purchase flow and call balance
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