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End-to-End Temp Workforce Management

Project Overview

TimeTemp is a complete temporary worker contract management tech stack all pre-built, pre-integrated, and synchronized from the get-go for Recruiters, Managers, and Employees.


Leading ATS cloud-based software platform designed for recruitment and staffing agencies. The suite includes applicant tracking, customer relationship management, recruitment analytics, and invoicing features, among others.

Team Model
Quality Assurance Engineer

2 x Quality Assurance Engineers

Full-stack Developer

6 x Full-stack Developers

Product Designer

Product Designer

Product Owner

Product Owner


Web Mobile - iOS & Android


Ruby on Rails


React Native

Postgres SQL


How can we help recruitment and staffing agencies streamline their workflows and workplace management?


Our client approached us in search of an autonomous team capable of supporting the end-to-end design and development of new products to add to their recruitment suite, with seamless integration into their ATS.

Engagement Model

CodeLink built a fully autonomous team consisting of a Product Owner, Full-Stack Developers, and a Quality Assurance Engineer. CodeLink collaborated with the client to understand the scope of features in the backlog, create detailed features and implementation plans, and deploy features upon completion.

Engagement Length and Scale

Our client engaged us in 2019 and still benefits from a full team dedicated to working on new releases of the TimeTemp product suite.


Project Outcome

CodeLink iteratively developed multiple products to add to the client's product suite. These included both Web and Mobile products. We first designed and developed the core web application for staff, managers, and recruiters to manage the entire workflow from work placement to timesheet, expense, and leave request submission, to shifts and work assignments. We then designed and developed both iOS and Android mobile applications to support contract workers in managing their timesheets, expenses, leave requests, and job offers.


Product Development

Data & BI

Product Design



Autonomous Team

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