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Reap - Small-business Card Payments

Supporting small-business vendors to accept card payments.

Project Overview

The Reap Vendor platform helps small business that lack the ability to take card payments by onboarding them through the vendor system so they can charge customers digitally, create invoices, and collect payments.


Reap is a Hong Kong-based financial platform that combines spend management software with innovative payment products to help businesses of all sizes.

Team Model
Full-stack Developer

Full-stack Developer

Product Designer

Product Designer


Responsive Web Application


AWS Services



Stripe Connect


How can we assist our small-business vendor partners in accepting card payments?


Reap approached CodeLink seeking a partner to build an MVP for their new product. The product would leverage Stripe Connect to allow their small-business vendor partners to accept card payments from their customers. Reap had a tight timeline and aimed to launch their MVP within 8 weeks to validate their product idea in the market.

Engagement Model

CodeLink collaborated with Reap from ideation to product roll-out. As a newly-founded company, Reap needed to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) quickly and cost-effectively, so they could test the market and raise funds. To meet their needs, we proposed an autonomous team to design and develop the platform. This team worked closely with Reap's founders to clarify business requirements, define UI/UX flow, and create a product backlog. Additionally, the developers collaborated with Reap's technical team to integrate the product with their existing infrastructure.

Engagement Length and Scale

We fully designed, developed, and deployed the project to Reap’s infrastructure and transferred code ownership to Reap over an 8-week period.


Project Outcome

CodeLink designed and built a web platform for business owners to generate invoices and collect payments via credit card. This minimum viable product (MVP) helped Reap release their product to the market early and validate their business idea. It was also their first integration with Stripe Connect and credit cards. The MVP developed for Reap was a foundational product that contributed to their massive success in the market. They have since received $45M in funding.


Product Development

Product Design


Autonomous Team

Vendor Management

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