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Message Watcher

Redesigning and rebuilding the Message Watcher web platform.

Project Overview

The MessageWatcher web platform provides cutting-edge digital monitoring and compliance solutions to businesses of all sizes. The MessageWatcher platform can archive digital messages and emails, archive data following government and industry compliance, and archive social media and website content.


MessageWatcher is a compliance provider specializing in the archiving and monitoring of electronic content for government and industry compliance.

Team Model
Product Designer

Product Designer

Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer






How can we redesign and rebuild the entire front end of our platform to modernize the interface and enhance user experience?


MessageWatcher sought technical expertise to select a long-term, scalable, and future-proof technology for rebuilding the front-end web platform. This included redesigning all user flows and adding functionality for an improved user experience.

Engagement Model

MessageWatcher engaged CodeLink as an autonomous design team to handle the product redesign and provide technical advisory services. A dedicated front-end developer worked alongside the VP of Engineering, who handled all the backend development. CodeLink assessed a range of mobile technologies and proposed using ReactJS due to its substantial community support, scalability, and suitability for the existing feature set of MessageWatcher. The CodeLink design team worked closely with MessageWatcher to fully understand the product. They ran a week-long design sprint to create new UX flows, test prototypes, and redesign the entire design system for a more modern and enhanced user interface. Once the technology was decided and the design system was in place, the front-end developer worked directly with MessageWatcher to rebuild the entire front-end of the platform.

Engagement Length and Scale

CodeLink was engaged with MessageWatcher for 15 months to design and develop the entire front-end of the web platform.

Project Outcome

The entire legacy front end of the MessageWatcher system has been replaced by a new ReactJS front end, built fully by CodeLink. This front-end web platform has been rolled out for all users and includes enhanced, high-quality user flows that cover the full range of functionality.


Product Design


Design Sprint

Prototype Testing

UX & UI Redesign

Embedded Team


Product Development


Tech Stack Change

Data & BI

Technical Rebuild

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