Secure Omni-channel business communication with third party messenger integration
Business Chat
Mobile (iOS & Android) & Responsive Web & WeChat Mini-App
UX & UI Design / Brand Design / Product Management / Web Development / Mobile Development / Quality Assurance / Release Management
Centralize all of the different communication platforms for financial institutions into a single fully-secure platform.
LeapXpert is a B2C communication platform. LeapXpert elevates messaging to a formal business communication channel, ensuring that financial institutions stay compliant whilst communicating with their customers across multiple communication channels. Company Account Managers can send text, voice and file messages to client’s messengers of their choice: WhatsApp™, WeChat™ , Telegram™, Line™, and others. LeapXpert helps businesses own and control all of their company’s communication data, gather employees and clients communication on one platform, chat via direct and group chats, and keep all company communication history always available for monitoring and compliance purposes.
CodeLink worked as the foundational team to design, structure, and develop the entire LeapXpert platform for the initial 2 years of development. CodeLink then worked with the LeapXpert management team to help with the set-up and training of their own internal team.
Compliance: Always available and accessible comunication history to stay audit compliant.
Data Ownership: Full ownership over all communication history and audit logs.
3rd Party Integrations: Seemlessly integrate communication from WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE.
Recorded VoIP: VoIP calls with recording to ensure all calls are traceable.
Shared Management: Shared management of a client to other co-workers.

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