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Everest Education - Student Engagement

Increasing student engagement through an online learning application.

Project Overview

The Everest Education tablet application engages students when outside of the classroom. Students can collaborate with their classmates, view homework and work result updates in realtime, practice their classwork, and submit assignments.


Everest Education Everest Education helps prepare students academically and mentally for international education.

Team Model
Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

Product Designer

Product Designer

Technical Lead

Technical Lead


Admin - Web Application Student - Tablet iOS & Android


Ruby on Rails


React Native


How can we increase student engagement on our online learning application?


Everest approached CodeLink seeking a team that could collaborate with their internal team to provide consultation on product design and technical implementation for their online learning tablet application. The team then worked on implementing new flows to increase student user engagement.

Engagement Model

Everest contracted with CodeLink to provide an embedded team consisting of a Technical Lead, Product Designer, and Front-end Developer. These team members worked directly with Everest staff to enhance the existing product.

Engagement Length and Scale

CodeLink worked as an embedded team for Everest Education for 4 months.


Project Outcome

CodeLink collaborated with Everest subject matter experts to understand current user behavior and design flows. CodeLink then created new design flows with prototypes to test with students. Once flows were tested and designs were complete, CodeLink worked with the existing codebase to implement the new front-end functionality. To engage students, CodeLink developed a badge and points system to reward activity. CodeLink also created a more visual online learning experience, where students can collaborate on task cards, upload recordings, post group messages, submit their class work, and view the completion status of their personal and group work.


Prototype Testing


Product Development

Product Design

UX & UI Redesign

Embedded Team

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