DoYou - Yoga & Mindful Fitness‬
DoYou - Yoga & Mindful Fitness‬ is your guide to feeling healthy, happy and strong every day!
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Lifestyle Application
Mobile & Tablet (iOS & Android)
Product Management / UX & UI Design / Android Mobile & Tablet Development / Back-end Development / iOS Mobile & Tablet Development / Back-end Development
Redesign and rebuild the existing iOS application using ReactNative on both Android and iOS.
DoYou - Yoga & Mindful Fitness‬ gives free and premium users access to a range of different yoga content for all levels of yoga enthusiasts. Users can view videos on their device, or stream directly to their television with Chromecast. With over 150 guided programs and over 1,000 fitness sessions, DoYou is easy to follow, letting users set their own personal goals and practice at their own level. Users can stay motivated with progress tracking, rewards, and achievements to unlock.
The CodeLink design team worked to create entirely new user-friendly flows and interface designs for the application re-build. Once the redesign and rebuild was complete the team continued to work on iteratively deploying new functionality for the iOS and Android mobile and tablet applications.
Explore hundreds of amazing programs
Practice with the best teachers
Track your progress & stay motivated
Join over 500,000 members
Stream directly to your TV via Chromecast

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